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Where To Find Babies Gassy And Gripe Baby Support

Parents of babies gassy can often feel isolated, stressed, and helpless. Support groups for parents, while helpful, don’t address the unique problems that parents of colicky infants face.

However, not all support groups for parents of a gripe baby are equal. If you are trying to decide on a support group or colic clinic, here are some things to look for when making that decision:

1.    Counseling and Feedback.

Different colic clinics and support groups will handle this in different ways. You will most likely be asked to keep a “colic diary” of your baby’s crying patterns and any actions you’ve taken to soothe your baby during the week.

A specialist will analyze the crying patterns and help you to plan out a course of action for the next week. Some colic clinics also offer counseling for parents and couples who need help dealing with the stress of colic. Others also offer counseling for family members who may be acting as a secondary caregiver to your baby – thus giving comprehensive attention to the problem of colic.

2.    Medical Evaluations and Suggestions.

A pediatrician with extensive experience in colic may also look at the colic diary and suggest possible causes for your baby’s crying. Additionally, if your baby has an episode of colic while you are there at the clinic or during the support session, the pediatrician may do a thorough evaluation of the symptoms as they present themselves in real time.

3.    Group Support Sessions.

Some colic support groups and colic clinics will organize special events designed to bring parents of colicky infants together for discussion. This will allow you to share your experiences with someone who truly understands how colic can affect the entire family. It also gives you the opportunity to learn from one another, and potentially find new solutions to that will help to end your baby’s colic.

Another great resource to help you understand and communicate better with your baby is Brazelton’s Institute. There might not be a Brazelton’s Institute near your home, but you can glean a lot from the website.

If you are looking for a colic support group, one of the best places to start would be with a local parents group, LaLeche League, or other association designed for parents of infants and toddlers.  Again, if there are no such organizations near your home, visit the websites.

If you don’t find a colic clinic or support group in your area, you may wish to consider starting one yourself. Parents of colicky babies should never have to go it alone – with support, intervention, and planning, colic can be overcome. Realize that 1 parent in 5 has to deal with a colic baby and when you ad up the births every year, that’s a lot of people who have to deal with this issue!

It stands to reason that when a lot of people frown upon a parent who may create the impression of letting a baby cry without doing something about it, that this parent will feel some guilt.

Yet in the case of colic, there is often not much a parent can do in the beginning. In my book e explain many methods and steps that can be taken and until you find the right combination of steps, there is going to be that nerve shattering noise coming from a helpless little human trying to cope with pain.

Self help:

Some parents learn how to cope naturally, like they have an inborn talent to ignore the noise and seem to do exactly what it takes to soothe the baby. Some mothers famously use their sixth sense to find the solution until the baby grows out of the colic situation, but not all mothers have the excess energy at their disposal to pull this off.

That leaves self help, but that takes finding the right information as fast as possible. To that end, we have compiled a good guide that contains a solid method and all the possible things one can do to start immediately. Check out the recommended reading section to find out more to your right of the page.

By focusing on action, you will set in motion the positive energy of self help and your intuition will come to the rescue as well. You will abandon the thought that you are helpless and nature will conspire to bring more solutions as well, thereby creating a virtuous circle that will help you cope with the situation so fast that you will be left wondering why you had not done this right from the start.

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