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How To Know What To Do

As a parent, when you hear your baby cry all the time and you know something is bothering your baby’s tummy but you don’t know what to do to soothe your child it can be hard. It is not easy to listen to a baby cry and not do something about it because as parents, we want our baby to be happy and comfortable.

Soon, as parents, we start feeling helpless and guilty. There is no need for that, as there are many way you can help. Very often, it is a question of being very attentive to the situation. If you notice that the crying starts some time after feeding, it could be that you have a baby that is suffering from colic.

How to tell?

  • Is it something in the food that discomforts the child’s digestion?
  • Could it be an allergy?
  • Or low tolerance to milk ingredients?
  • Is it constipation? Does the baby drink enough?
  • Is it because his digestive system is still maturing?
  • Is it the bottle?
  • Or a bottle cleaning issue?
  • Or maybe the bottle tip?
  • It could be the baby is swallowing too much air.

There is no other way but to be systematic about your observations. Sometimes, a baby is so hungry, he gulps down more air than liquid while drinking because he is so eager to still his hunger. In other cases, it is the bottle tip that allows him to swallow too much air. It is something you can easily hear. If the tip is too big and too hard, air will come through from the sides.

Could it be you haven’t found the right way to burp him yet?

These are things we just don’t always think about. Sometimes, a baby needs to be burped a second time and that is the right one. Often, one small burp is the sign that a second big one is still coming. If we put the baby down too quickly, it will hurt his stomach not to have burped completely.

Air coming through the bowels can be very uncomfortable for newborns and quickly they get bloated with the air passing through. When it is not a question of the bottle tip – you can tell when the drinking is smooth and with very little “extra” noises when the baby swallows – then maybe it is something that provokes air during the digestive process. This could be an indication to allergy to a certain type of food.

The cries baby has when he/she is colicky are ear shattering and stressful to say the least. Any parent will have a hard time coping with the combination of the stress, the lack of sleep and the worry this causes. Mothers more than fathers will feel pressure as long as they are not sure baby is warm, clean, well fed and comfortably installed for a nap or night sleep and safe.

Even though mothers will tend to cope better with the cries of a baby than fathers, they will not be able to cope as well as fathers against peer pressure, especially if critical, so-called “well meaning” remarks come from in-laws and close friends.

In the ebook “Baby Colic Relief – The Fastest Way To Stop Your Baby’s Colic” all these topics are covered in a neat organized way so you can quickly browse through the essentials of what you can do immediately to start coping better with a colic baby situation.

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