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How to stop baby crying

When a newborn enters this world after spending nine months in the germ free and sterile environment of the mother’s womb, he is faced with the huge hurdle of learning how to survive the shock his immune system receives when coming into contact with bacteria and germs.

The infant’s fragile body will have to adapt very quickly because nature can be ruthless. Fortunately, Mother Nature provides an effective solution for these critical moments. When the baby receives his nutrition from his mother’s milk, he is provided with a temporary defense mechanism. A mother’s first milk contains a host of bacteria and germ fighters that are extracted from the mother’s immune system.

This provides the infant with what he needs to jump start his immune system and start learning how to fight any unwelcome guests that enter his digestive system. When nutrients enter the baby’s stomach and intestines for the first time, they are entering a sterile environment that must be populated with bacteria that will help digestion.

This process can result in discomfort which is often expressed as colic in approximately 20% of newborns after their first month of life. This discomfort will cause a baby to cry, leaving parents wondering how to stop baby crying.

Medical experts have been able to pinpoint the cause of pain, but have not yet managed to determine what causes colic. Some people believe it’s the price that’s paid for training the body to effectively cope with an outside attack. Everything related to the cause of colic is theory, as nothing has been proven.

Recent scientific advances suggest that certain kinds of bacteria are responsible for colic, but nothing is proven yet. Until there’s proof positive of what causes colic, a cure cannot be developed. Until then, parents are going to have to learn how to stop a crying baby so everyone in the house will be able to get some sleep.

There’s no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry is anxiously awaiting a break through so they can develop a cure and make lots of money. This is very easy to understand because of the number of births each and every year.

When an infant is suffering from the pain of colic, it stands to reason that he will cry. It’s very likely that he will cry very loudly. To parent, with a baby crying, night time can be discouraging. It’s especially difficult for parents that haven’t yet learned how to stop baby crying and give him comfort. Fortunately, there are all kinds of books and websites that will give the parents the information they need.

Studies have shown that the biggest danger a baby is exposed to come from desperate and exhausted parents that got that way from lack of sleep. Torturers are well aware that sleep deprivation will quickly rob their hostages of their sanity. They also knew that the sound of a baby crying is one the most stressful sounds to the human ear.

This is why the detainees of Guantanamo Bay were forced to listen to recordings of crying babies that were piped into their cells. Even though this may sound untrue, it is indeed a fact. The detainees at Guantanamo Bay were tortured with the sounds of crying babies. It’s no wonder that the sound of a crying baby night after night causes parents a great deal of stress.

First, find out if the baby has colic.

You might need to talk to your pediatrician for a diagnosis. Fortunately, only one out of every five parents will have a colicky baby. If you discover that you are dealing with colic, there are several things you can do.

  1. Use colic drops.
  2. Try changing the food.
  3. Stick to a routine.
  4. Swaddle the baby.
  5. Take the baby for a car or stroller ride.
  6. Provide the baby with skin contact.

These are just a few tips that will help you learn how to stop baby crying.

There are more tricks and tips included in “Baby Colic Relief – The Fastest Way To Stop Your Baby’s Colic.“.

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