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Colic Babies: from BJM one can read the following we took as an excerpt from their online PDF:

Colic in babies

If your baby has colic, you can feel anxious and exhausted. There’s no cure for colic, but there are things you can try which may comfort your baby.

What is colic?

Babies who have colic are not ill, but they cry a lot more than babies usually do. Colic usually starts when a baby is a few weeks old and stops at 4 or 5 months. No one knows what causes it.

Some researchers think that colic could be caused by wind or painful bowel cramps. Some babies might be sensitive to lactose, a sugar that’s in cow’s milk. Other babies may be sensitive to protein in cow’s milk.

But other researchers think that colic isn’t caused by stomach problems. They think that some babies just cry a lot and some parents are more worried by their baby’s crying.

There are things that may trigger colic in some babies, although researchers don’t know for sure.

Here are some examples.

  • What the mother eats and drinks if she is breastfeeding. Chocolate, dairy products, spicy food, caffeine (found in coffee, tea, cola, and some other drinks), and some fruits and vegetables may bring on colic.
  • Medicine the mother might be taking that goes through to the breast milk.
  • Fast bottle feeding. If your baby feeds in less than 20 minutes, the hole in the bottle’s teat might be too large.
  • Worrying or feeling anxious about the baby.

It’s important to remember that colic isn’t caused by you doing anything wrong. And it won’t harm your baby.

There’s some more if you want to read up, just follow the link above. But there are other sources as well:

It is not an easy thing to cope with, so the main question is: “What can be done?”

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