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Gas Relief For Baby With Gas Pains

Gas pains in babies point to baby colic sometimes and parents are ready to go crazy when they don’t know how to get gas relief for their newborn as it tends to cry for hours on end without anyone being able to do anything to soothe the infant.

Gas pains can be horrendous for any infant to experience, especially as they can’t express what is bothering them. They cramp up and rebel against this unfair situation and fight it as best they know how to stop this torture. All family members suffer because of this and sleep deprivation doesn’t help either.

There are many reasons gas pains appear, many agree on possible reasons such as breastfeeding, lactose intolerance or a digestive system that still needs to mature. Soothing an infant to offer gas relief is possible though if you get organized to start coping with the issue, it will take a bit of change and knowing how to go about trying different options.

Solutions to help find gas relief

Skin contact or swaddling are obvious choices, better control of the food, stomach massage all can help to find gas relief for your infant. It will require trial and error and lots of patience to go about eliminating many of the possible causes. The only real hope for gas relief for babies is that in time, it goes away by itself. Gas pains can cause colic and these usually pass when the infant reaches 8 to 9 months of age.

We have a colic guide that will help you get organized to go through all the motions of finding what works best for the infant, whether the pains cause colic from breastfeeding, infant gas, lactose intolerance or any other known disrupting element.

Obvious quick choices are changing the baby, proposing the child to nurse or bottle feed, burping, pacifiers and if breastfeeding, cutting down on spicy foods of strong stimulants such as caffeine or teas.

Other solutions could include walking the baby, going for a drive, creating a background noise or white noise, skin contact and/or swaddling.

Of paramount importance is informing other family members as well as involving them to make sure several goals are met. Very often, mothers will feel they get looks, siblings get annoyed and partners become irritated, so avoiding this is crucial.

Siblings should be made aware of the hard time their new brother or sister is going through because of the colic bouts, mothers in law should avoid looks that can possibly cause confusing messages and partners should be involved to partake in sharing some of the burden to avoid a burn out.

Parents should know that many other families have to deal with colicky babies, that there are relief groups, that there are insidious dangers involved, such as the shaken baby syndrome and that solutions sometimes involve old remedies such as gripe water.

All in all it is a very challenging situation for any parent, but knowing that there are practical solutions and help out there as well as guides goes a long way to comforting everyone involved.

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