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Slings, Carriers and Comfort Can Help

As any parent knows, most babies love to be held, even if they are not fussy. For the colicky baby, being held can often provide much-needed support and closeness, despite the crying. New parents may be overwhelmed by the number of slings, carriers, and harnesses designed to allow you to hold your baby close while keeping your hands free for other tasks. These types of carriers, while useful, can sometimes be cumbersome as well.

Swaddling is a potential alternative to the slings and carriers – simply wrapping your baby securely in a receiving blanket can help those fussy newborns who miss the security and warmth of being in the womb.

Babies who are swaddled regularly are often less fussy and sleep more readily, as it allows for a feeling of being held securely. Be careful not to swaddle too tightly, however, and if you do decide to soothe your baby in this manner, remember to unwrap him and place him on his back to sleep once your baby has settled in. Not all babies like to be swaddled, however, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a baby sling or a carrier to get much the same effect.

Being held close may provide some comfort, whether your baby enjoys being swaddled or not. Much of the comfort in a sling-style carrier comes from being close to the caregiver, and through that closeness, the caregiver has a chance to address any fussiness right when it occurs, which can minimize the duration of crying overall.

The key in this situation is to pick the right type of sling or carrier that allows your baby to be held close to your body, and that is supportive without being overly restrictive. For newborns, this often means using the sling-style carriers worn across the body.

When it comes to the baby sling, proper adjustment is one of the essential elements of success. These types of carriers are often adjusted via a slide or other clasp that can be used to determine the fit of the carrier and how snug it will be. If you can, get someone to help you adjust the sling while you have it on – but without having your baby inside the sling. By getting a good fit from the start, you will be more comfortable in using the carrier to soothe your baby.

Movement is another factor when it comes to soothing a fussy baby by using a carrier. If you hold still, your baby may become more restless. By moving about, either with your normal routine or just taking a walk down the hall, you create movement that can be soothing to your infant. The gentle swaying or turning can help your little one to calm down by focusing on you, or your surroundings.

Getting used to the sling may take a few tries. Don’t feel as though you have to wear your baby in the sling at all hours of the day or night – one or two hours when your baby needs to wind down may be enough to help ease the fussiness of your colicky baby.

Setting up a regular routine that allows your baby to associate time spent in the sling with bedtime and/or naps is a good way to reinforce the bond between baby and caregiver, while still allowing your baby to gradually learn self-comfort as you shorten the amount of time spent in the sling versus the crib or bassinet.

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