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Baby Tummy Pain And Understanding How Simethicone Works

If your baby has pain caused by gassiness, you may have heard of simethicone as colic relief treatment. Simethicone is marketed under many different names, and is the active ingredient in baby gas drops that are sold as over-the-counter medication.

While there is no conclusive proof that simethicone helps babies who have colic, it is a widely accepted treatment for gas, bloating and the abdominal discomfort that babies who have colic often seem to have. If you baby seems excessively gassy, this type of treatment may be worth a try. Despite the fact that it is available as an over-the-counter medication, you should speak with your child’s pediatrician before beginning this type of treatment, just to be safe..

Simethicone is what is known as a ‘defoaming’ agent. When your baby is gassy and colicky, the air bubbles in his or her digestive tract are often too small to be readily passed. This gassiness can be caused by a number of factors, including air that is swallowed during feeding or crying in addition to problems with digestion of breast milk or formula.

This can lead to sharp abdominal pain, bloating, and colicky behavior. Simethicone reduces the surface tension of these gas bubbles, making it easier for your baby to expel gas successfully, and reduce pain and bloating.

When it comes to colic relief, simethicone may be one of the first alternatives that parents try, due to the fact that it causes no known side effects, and is generally well-tolerated by even young babies. It is available as a liquid for infants, and is generally dosed by an eyedropper when given to babies. Ideally, if you are going to try this treatment option, you should give your baby a dose at mealtimes and/or before bed, when colicky symptoms are most likely to occur.

An additional concern to be aware of – as with any medication, you will need to be vigilant on potential product recalls – save the box, save the bottle, and check the official site for whatever brand of baby colic drops you decide to use.

Taking this extra, proactive step can minimize the risks associated with taking any over-the-counter medication. While most baby colic drops containing simethicone are unlikely to be recalled, it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby’s health and safety.

You should also consider the fact that simethicone/baby gas drops won’t help your baby if the crying is due to stress, or some other issue besides gassiness. Lactose intolerance, milk allergies, and other gastrointestinal problems are usually too severe for this to be an effective treatment, although it can help with any symptoms of bloating.

If your baby is colicky around mealtimes and simethicone doesn’t work, then you may want to consult with your baby’s doctor further to see if additional tests are needed to rule out allergies or other complications. This is especially true if your baby shows signs of fever, rash, wheezing, or other unusual symptoms generally unrelated to colic.

Simethicone for infants is a good choice, however, if your baby swallows a lot of air during feedings and seems unable to burp or pass gas in order to alleviate the excessive intestinal gas. Using this medication in combination with baby massage or a warm bath can help your baby to expel gas successfully and alleviate any fussiness caused by the gas pains themselves.

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