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What is colic in babies?

What is colic in babies is not known yet even though many moms know all about the consequences as they struggle to come to grips with this phenomenon.

There you are, with a fretting, fussing, howling baby who seems to be suffering from some pain; it looks like tummy ache, feels like the baby is having cramps, sounds like someone is torturing the poor thing and it goes on and on and on.

Doctors, pediatric practitioners, midwives, experienced mothers and specialists all stand there, shaking their heads in dismay; there is nothing they can really do except sympathize and ask you to “hang in there” until it blows over, at the latest between 8 or 9 months old.

A fat lot of good this does when you are in this kind of impossible situation, piling up the things that need to be done while on top of this all, the tiredness drags you down; how on earth can you get your rest under such circumstances; pray, tell me if you know.

Doctors discover a new organ

But what is colic in newborn babies? European scientists seem to have discovered a “new” organ and TV channels have reported this: the human gut would contain several pounds of what can only be described as bacteria or germs.

These are extremely useful when it comes to digesting the food we eat; so much so, that these scientists have come to the conclusion that this mass of bacteria must be considered as an extra organ in the human body. When these billions of germs are not in our system any more, we simply would die, unable to absorb new nutrients.

One of the theories that has sprouted from this new knowledge, is that for some newborns, the colonizing process that takes place when the gut becomes populated by the bacteria that are needed for the gut to function properly is more painful.

As far as we seem to know, these bacteria fight each other for their spot in the food chain and while these fights break out, it is not unthinkable that these provoke colic bouts.

This basic bacterial flora is transmitted from mother to child during birth and all children inherit their mother’s intestinal flora.

The repercussions this know-how has is mind boggling to say the least. It seems these days that the medical community sometimes will prescribe a bacterial flora repopulating procedure to cure some ailments for which there are no known medicines.

What really happens is that they ask a healthy person for for some feces; this is then diluted some and the result  is introduced in the recipients’ bowels via a tube inserted though the nose into deep in the digestive system. In short: get someone else’s shit, literally.

The irony of course, is that this quite unsavory medical procedure has the desired results; the patient is cured!


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