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Screaming Baby, Never Shake A Newborn

Newborn screaming baby and shaken baby syndrome are often a sad pair, however you care to look at it.

So how does one react to a continually screaming baby in the house? Whatever you do, don’t take it out on the newborn. The “shaken baby syndrome” is, sadly enough, something that still happens way too often.

Remember, a newborn is fresh out of the womb, where he had nine months of heavenly warmth, not even needing to breathe, let alone regulate his own body temperature or eat, as everything was taken care of.

Suddenly, the newborn is out there, in a cold, loud, brutally uncomfortable world in comparison as to how it was before, after a traumatizing expulsion and what’s more, there is now the feeling of being HUNGRY all of the time!

As adults, we would sometimes kill for less, but babies have only one way of expressing their distress and that is when we get a screaming baby.

It is enough to drive a parent completely nuts, unfortunately, sometimes, this is when the unthinkable happens: in sheer desperation, a father, meaning to do well, will pick up his baby and try and shake some sense into it.

While he means to send a clear message saying “enough” he takes the enormous risk of ending up with a child suffering from the shaken baby syndrome, while his screaming baby was dealing with something no one will ever know.

And the shaken baby syndrome is not something to wave off lightly, as it can happen so fast. During the first year of growth after birth, the human body needs to do some finishing touches. Actually, human babies should remain in the womb a little longer, but then they would be so large that no women would be able to give birth to them.

This means that humans get born a little bit too early for their own good and that they need the time to adjust their bodies to their new living conditions, in short, they need to finish growing into a body a little bit stronger.

It is why a newborn is so fragile and why the shaken baby syndrome is something to avoid at all cost, even if the screaming baby drives one nuts. Remember that it is child abuse and that child abuse is not something society looks upon kindly.

Get help from a friend, a neighbor, a family member, anyone will do to be present for an hour or two so the child isn’t left alone or unattended, while you go and clear your head and take a break. And remember that this isn’t your fault, that you made no mistakes and that a guilt trip is out of the question, you haven’t done anything to earn it.

Remember, it won’t last. The screaming stops at some point in time. If you want to know even more, subscribe to¬† our 10 part mini-course or check out our recommended reading page, we’ll see you on the other side with more information yet.

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