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How To Buy Baby Bottles To Solve Infant And Gas Problems

Baby bottles are essential for babies, particularly for mothers who are not into breastfeeding or having a hard time doing so. When you are planning to buy baby bottles, choosing the right baby bottle may not really matter, but for some particular feeding situations, such as an infant with gas problems, having the right baby bottle can make a lot of difference.

When you are to buy baby bottles, first thing that you need to take note of is the shape of the nipple as this is one of the most important things. If you cannot breastfeed your child and wish to feed him with formula, the shape of the nipple may not be of utmost importance.

But, if you are breastfeeding your child and want to occasionally use baby bottles to feed him, make sure to choose a wide base nipple which closely resembles a mother’s breast. This is due to the fact that your baby may have a hard time switching from wide into a narrow latch, especially if he is already used to getting feed from his mother’s breast.

As things go, changing from a natural wide nipple during breastfeeding to a narrow baby bottle nipple can cause the infant to swallow more air than before and before you know it, you have an infant and gas situation that might even resemble baby colic, witch is a place no parent wants to go. Remember though, that colic is only really there if the crying doesn’t stop for three hours for more than three days, because it is easy to confuse the temporary discomfort of an infant with gas and baby colic.

Check the liquid flow rate of the nipple.

Another thing that should be considered is the flow rate of the nipple. The speed at which the milk or formula can come through may vary a lot and so make sure to have a keen eye on these details. There are some baby bottles that are designed for slow or fast flow. But for newborns, make sure to opt for the nipples that can provide a slow flow to prevent your child from choking.

Aside from that, a nipple that delivers milk or formula way too fast for the baby may cause stomach troubles such as colic or gas pain. A little experimentation may also be needed when choosing the right nipple with the right flow type for your child. If you think your child does not like a nipple with a slow flow, try using a nipple with a fast flow when feeding him and observe which of the two works best for him. Also, fast-flow nipples might be required as well as your baby grows older.

Should one buy glass or plastic bottles?

When you are to buy baby bottles, the material used for the bottle should also be taken into consideration. Baby bottles made of glass are easier to clean and may usually last longer. The only disadvantage is that if the bottle breaks, it may cut the child or the mother so you should be very careful when using glass bottles. On the other hand, plastic bottles may not last as long as the glass bottles but they are more economical and are easier to find.

Glass bottles are also a little heavier than plastic baby bottles so when you need to move bags containing baby’s food, there will be noticeable difference in the weight of the bag. That is not a problem when you have a car, but if you rely on public transport, you need to think this one through.

Add to that the possibility of having a slow eater and the heavier glass bottle can cause some discomfort for the one holding it for prolonged periods of time at regular intervals.

Is the shape of the bottle important and what about venting?

Another thing that you should consider is the shape of the bottle and its vent system. Some babies may suck in more air than others while they eat and some are at higher risk of having stomach discomforts than the others. Thus, a bottle with an angled shape and an air vent system might be needed. These can also prevent air from getting into your child’s stomach and reduces stomach discomforts as well.

Should I consider baby bottle liners?

If you do not want to wash bottles often, you may choose to buy baby bottle liners. These are disposable, flexible plastic bags that can be placed inside the bottle and can be removed after each feeding session. This way, you only have to wash the nipples and rinse the rest of the bottle parts.

Silicone or latex nipples for the bottle?

Last but not the least; when you are planning to buy baby bottles, you need to very well consider the material used for the nipples. Silicone nipples are most preferred since they do not pick up tastes or smell even after several usage.

Aside from that, they do not pose any potential risk of having allergies unlike latex nipples. Most importantly, silicone nipples are difficult to chew holes in and so the risk of choking due to chewed off pieces are very low. Do not forget to take note of these factors when you are to buy baby bottles as this may be helpful in your child’s nourishment and to ensure his safety as well.

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