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Helpful Feeding Tips: Getting Baby to Take Bottle

Proper feeding of newborns is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your new baby. However it can be difficult for new parents to get the hang of bottle feeding their new baby. If you’re having problems getting Baby to take his bottle, there are several adjustments that you can make to simplify the feeding process. What steps you can take will largely depend upon the specific difficulty that your baby is having what it comes to feeding.

Problems Latching On

Some newborns have problems latching onto the bottle or maintaining suction during bottle-feeding. If this is the problem that your baby is having, you may want to experiment with using different sizes and shapes of nipples for the bottle. Some babies even do better with new posts are made from different materials such as silicon versus rubber. You want to be sure that the nipple is properly sized for your baby’s mouth. This is because if the nipple is too large then it will be too much work for your baby to get the formula to leave the bottle.

Nipples that are too small for that are awkwardly shaped can make it difficult for your baby to remain latched on. You may wish to get some suggestions from your doctor’s pediatrician as to what type and shape of nipples you should use. Also be certain to use a bottle is properly sized as well. Bottles that are too large may cause difficulties with formula flow or other issues.

Problems With Gassiness

Some babies seem to be especially prone to gassiness. This can make it difficult for your baby to remain focused on feeding if he or she is continually passing gas at the same time you are offering the bottle. The problem may be that your little one is swallowing air during feedings. You can try swapping to a nipple that have smaller holes or slower flow rate. If the gassiness does not subside after a few days, you may want to consider switching formulas to something that is milder on your baby stomach. These adjustments should allow your little one to have less problems with gas.

Fussiness During Feeding

If fussiness during feeding is a problem, gas may also be an issue. Your baby may also be fussy due to tiredness or illness. Getting Baby to take bottle when he’s tired will be difficult at best for some. It will depend largely upon your baby’s temperament. One of the best things you can do is to schedule feedings around the same time, or evenly spaced so that the same amount of time passes between feedings. If the fussiness is due to gas, again you may want to change the type of nipple for the bottle, the type of formula, or both.

If, however, your baby is fussy because he or she is ill the best thing you can do is to make sure that your baby is as comfortable as possible during feedings. Follow the pediatrician’s advice as to how to treat your baby’s illness, and schedule feedings when your baby is least likely to be feeling the negative effects of any sickness.

Excessive Spit-Up

Babies who spit-up excessively can also be difficult to bottle feed, and there can be many reasons behind this occurrence. The first thing you’ll want to be sure of is that your baby is being burped regularly during and after feedings. Some cases of spit-up are caused simply because of trapped air bubbles that were swallowed during feeding time.

If burping doesn’t solve the problem, you may want to look into potential changes in formula, or even evaluation for acid reflux. Some babies produce excess stomach acid which can make it difficult for them to properly digest their food. It’s important to have this diagnosis as early as possible if that is the case, because it can make it difficult for your baby to gain weight and to thrive.

Regardless of the underlying issue, making sure that your baby is well fed is key to making sure that he or she grows up healthy and strong. Don’t give up on getting Baby to take bottle — with a little creativity and determination your little one will be having stress-free feedings in no time.

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