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Baby gripe…

is often misunderstood because the causes are not easy to understand.

Many parents have to deal with fretting fussing babies, sometimes, these babies will even have long bouts of unexplained yelling at the most inconvenient times, which puts everyone in the family on edge. In most cases, this difficult period blows over when the child reaches 8 to 9 months of age as if nothing had ever been wrong.

The yelling can go on and on, sometimes for hours on end and nothing the parents do will be able to help, save skin to skin cuddling and gentle waddling. You guessed right of you’re thinking “baby colic”, because often, it is.

The medical community hasn’t been able to solve baby colic as yet. There is not even a definite way of diagnosing the condition, let alone find the cause. That makes it very hard, even for doctors, to help.

Baby colic is an old ailment and scrolls dating back to the 16th century already mention “gripe”, describing symptoms that parents today can easily recognize. To this day, the medical community is still clueless on what the cause could be, but in general, the condition all these symptoms describe is referred to as “baby gripe” or “baby colic”.

Colic symptoms:

  1. Lengthy bouts of very loud crying or yelling
  2. No apparent cause
  3. Strong indications of tummy pains or cramps
  4. Several of these events each day
  5. Rigid abdomen
  6. Legs drawn up

When the above symptoms appear together, doctors will usually diagnose baby colic, without being able to deliver a cure or something to ease the symptoms. That is because they don’t know why it happens. What is known, on the other hand, is that this period of baby colic will eventually blow over, it will go away when the baby reaches 7 to 8 months of age.

The scientific community is not very highly motivated to find a cure for something that will heal all by itself after a couple of months, even though it should be mentioned that some efforts are being made. It is easy to understand when one knows there are very many other much more dangerous diseases in need of cures to be found. In short, scientists are first targeting the killer diseases rather than targeting a condition that cures itself.

In short, parents have to rely on the tips and tricks previous parents have found to be helpful and should you want to find out more, we have compiled a short guide that recaps most of them here.


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