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Hearing one’s baby cry and knowing intuitively that something is wrong because you just know your baby is hurting somewhere can be excruciating moral torture to endure, especially if you are under the impression that there is nothing you can do about it. This is luckily not true any longer.

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As a parent, I know. I can’t count the number of hours I spent carrying my baby son around on my arm, trying to soothe him into sleep while his mom was catching up on some very needed sleep. I remember vividly how after a couple of hours my arm would go numb because I knew that if I put him back in his cold bed he would wake up again and it would start all over.

I was fighting the urge to take him in the bed with us mainly because I was afraid I would roll over in my sleep and hurt him somehow, because I was constantly exhausted as well. I knew my partner needed her rest and I did not want to disturb her sleep cycle with a fretting fussy baby, as mothers have a tendency to sleep very lightly, probably this needs to be chalked up to instinct.

We would take turns when we saw the dark black bags under our eyes were getting really ugly and particularly large or when either of our mothers would visit and drop a hint such as “my, my, you’re so pale, the last time I saw you like that was when you had that stomach flu, you must have been twelve”. They would propose helping out, but we were too proud to accept and in those days, we were glad to be on our own.

As parents, we  were young,  inexperienced and we had no idea where to go look if there was possibly a solution to colic for babies except our pediatrician.  We suspected our doctor was right: he had a difficult time adapting to new food types and his digestion was only slowly getting used to processing new foods, causing him to have a colic and the pain that goes with it.

As a baby, my baby boy couldn’t express why he was uncomfortable, nor how much pain he was in, so he did the only thing he was able do to try to relieve his pain: he cried. Very loudly at that too. For us, his parents, there just was no way to tell. As a result, we were never sure what should be done. Today, things are different. We can start by finding out whether baby is crying because he is having a colic or not.

Although the medical community is still grappling with this issue – they still don’t know what causes colic in babies – we know a great deal about relieving colic pain. There are many relief techniques, the trick is finding the one that works for your baby.

There are many possible causes for baby colic:

  • Gastric Reflux
  • Enzyme production
  • Gas
  • Air in the stomach
  • Irregular routine
  • Lactation or breastfeeding
  • The bottles
  • Dehydration

Just to name a few…

This is where we probably can help by sharing some of our experience, so we set up a page where you can find out if our baby colic relief guide could be helpful to you as well. You will find it in the recommended reading/download now section.

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PS: Latest update – 2010. While science is hinting that there are indications that a bacteria might be the cause of all the trouble, scientists are researching this further. When they will be able to prove this, they will also be on their way of finding a cure. Meanwhile, young parents are having to wait and cope as best as they can.

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